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Over the past month there's been many emails coming in to the Bargainspy mailbox about the missing HotUKDeals offers. They changed their site a little under the hood which broke our spiders. Good news is - it's fixed now. The delay of a month was caused by staff holidays & sickness.

I thought it would be worth taking this time to mention something else we're working on - an improved search engine, which will mean less load on our servers, and faster results for you - hopefully in time for the Christmas shopping surge. We'll post more on the blog as things take shape.

If you've got any other ideas for new features you'd like to see - feel free to drop us a message, or leave a comment.


PNY Attache USB Flash Drive

* Capacity: 16GB
* Capless Concept
* Up to 5000KB/sec Write Speed
* Up to 12,000KB/sec Read Speed
* Compatible with USB 2.0 Specification
* 2 Years Warranty

this amazing usb is only 19.99 well worth a 16 gb usb, this is at a crazy price what a bargain!!!!

the link is it is the deal of the month


Anybody who has tried to transport a large container of water will know that it is an impossible task. However, the Water Hog is here to save us all!
The barrell shape allows the container to be easily rolled between you’re the water supply and your pitch.
The container can be filled from the top or the side, which means it can be filled and ready to roll straight away. This minimises the need for lifting and tipping making the product ideal for those with bad backs like me!
The Water Hog comes complete with a filler tap connector, tube and dust cover. The top filler is large enough for all pumps and you can even get your hand inside to clean the container. Especially with the festival season upon us its worth a purchase
I purchased my Water Hog from!

the link is


Bargains at Carluccio's - 2 FOR 1 ON ALL MAIN COURSES ...JAN 4TH - FEB 13TH
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