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Sister Site DiscountSpy Launches

Our new sister site DiscountSpy has just launched, specifically catering for DiscountCode searching.

Share Coupons

There's been a long tradition of sharing coupon codes on forums, and they often find their way in to the BargainSpy search engine from there. Today we're launching another component to help streamline your online shopping experience.

Store Directory Opens

We're happy to announce that BargainSpy has just gained an on-line store directory. However, we're not just listing store website URL's for the sake of it - there is a use for you bargain hunters!

Page Design Changes

Just a short post to say we're re-working the page layout for the bargain lists to hopefully make it quicker to browse and get only information about deals you're actually interested in.

The Bargain Channel pages now show just the title of the deal, and the source of the deal. We'll be updating the deal information pages soon.

Apple iPhone Launch

If you want to make sure you get your hands on the new Apple iPhone when it launches in the UK on Friday evening then you can't do worse than ordering it on line from O2 and avoiding the high street!

The shiny new gadget goes on sale at 18:02 09/11/2007.

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